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Ring Mills fall into two general categories. Radial only mills and Radial-axial mills. As the names imply, rolling can occur in the radial direction which reduces the wall thickness, and simultaneously in the axial direction, which reduces the height. When axial rolls are not present, some growth occurs in the axial direction. This growth is accentuated where the OD and ID meet the face. This is sometimes referred to as fish mouth. On a radial only mill, flattening can be performed after the rolling process. Some customers choose to machine of the material in a lath or turning operation.  





Vertical and Horizontal Mills:

Radial ring mills have traditionally been constructed as "vertical mills" or "horizontal mills". It is often a matter of preference to material handling. Horizontal mills add some additional expense, much of it in using a vertical output shaft gearbox for the main work roll drive. Also manual mandrel insertion is not an option on a horizontal mill, and must be performed mechanically. Our experience has been that a cutoff occurs at about 1.3 to 1.8m (50-70"), making mills of that size and larger more practical if constructed in the horizontal orientation. Handling equipment is usually more practical when large rings are left horizontal.


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